Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Really Don't Know Clouds, At All

I took these photos of storm clouds gathering. It finally rained Saturday night after over a month of drought. As my good friend Jim said, "it's been dryer than a popcorn fart".

Absence of blog posts means I'm busy. Very good thing at this time in my history. Apologies to subscribers. We did some road trips, clutter clearing and bookkeeping. Also back on track planning upcoming shows. An immensely appreciated blessing after my winter of discontent.

university of floridaLast week I received an invitation to exhibit at the University of Florida's Clinical Equine Studies. Who knew there was space for rotating shows there? In fact, besides the current exhibit, the two buildings I was escorted through had equine artwork everywhere.

the secret
Drove up to Aiken, SC over the weekend to pick up my originals at Equine Divine. Drove down to Stuart, FL yesterday, to pick up artwork from the Elliott Museum exhibit. Lots of miles and time to think, brainstorm and listen to The Secret...again.

michelangelgoOur accountant is strongly urging the formation of a LLC. We spent the entire trip back from Stuart trying to come up with a name for Michael's new business venture. Some faves:
The Art Firm
Meditchy - (Michael's favorite)
Creative Process
Eargone Art
Slideshow Mike - (my favorite)
Becoming punchy from the hours on the road, there were a few more too ridiculous to list. Like this one...

creation of adamPull My Finger Art


Anonymous said...

People would surely remember the " Pull My Finger Art".

You HAVE been busy.
Did I notice correctly- but have you changed the heading words on your banner?

Sharon Crute said...

Bonnie: I just added my name to the subtitle. Alyson Stanfield said she didn't want to search for the artist's name when visiting a blog which I thought was a valid point. So there you go...Voilart!