Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exhibit at the University of Florida

I was invited to exhibit some of my artwork at the Alec P. and Louis H. Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida. You can't see from the photo but the walls of the front lobby are constructed of stained glass equine images derived from iconic primitive cave drawings of horses - much like the Lascaux Cave paintings.

Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital
The horse statue in front was part of the Marion Cultural Alliance's wildly successful 2001 "Horse Fever" community art project in Ocala. This particular horse, "Fern", was created by our own "Out of Hand Artists" member Mary Verrandeaux.

lascaux cave paintingsHunter/jumper artwork with a view of the lobby.

sharon crute paintingsMy work graces the walls of a few key hallways. Above is a giclee of "Paydirt".

equine artOriginal oil, "Winter Sunset".

thoroughbred artA brief bio description and "Shadow", original oil.

"The pressure of constantly showing work motivates me to paint every day". - Linda Blondheim


Linda Blondheim said...

I'm so thrilled that you have an exhibit at the Courtelis Vet School. I have known them for years and they are wonderful friends. No better artist could show there.


Anonymous said...

Sharon- what a fabulous recognition of the power that is your art.
If the image of Paydirt ( great title btw ) isn't enough to make anyone want to study equine medicine, I don't know what is.
A splendid display and such a true inspiration to everyone who passes.

Congratulations- it is wonderful.

Nancy Moskovitz, artist said...

Fabulous Sharon! How long is the exhibit? I'd like to give it a shout out in my next e-news.

And that Mary, keeping Fern's fame a secret.

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you all.

Linda, you are the greatest!

Bonnie, with a knowing wink I have to laugh - not sure how to take that! Hmmm, my artwork makes someone desire to study equine medicine...

Nancy, thanks for the shout out in your newsletter...way cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon- no winks were intended. Seeing the majesty of your portrayal of these animals would tip anyone interested in vet medicine to focus on the horse.

You're in Saratoga and I'm in NYC- so I'm checking in to keep current with your activities.

Have a terrific and fruitful summer.
I'm away until July 8th but check in here frequently.

Best to you- Bonnie