Friday, February 01, 2008

Foxhunting Painting Update

Nope, I didn't work in the studio today. It stunk of Frogjuice and I had more aggravating amphibians to attend to. I spent the day preparing for the Professional Development Workshop in St. Pete tomorrow. They requested a package/portfolio to be viewed by an organization not set up to view digital media...

The new painting is coming along however:

foxhuntingI've established the contrasts, values and general color scheme. I love the way the shadows meander on a slight diagonal across the picture plane. I infused them with lots of cool blues and violets to be painted over, still allowing the blue-violet to peek through and add some vibrant color to the shadows. I love this composition of the forward hounds jogging up to the viewer, right off the picture's edge.

art studioThe artist late on a Friday afternoon in the studio.

art photographyBored husband/partner/agent hanging out in studio on a Friday afternoon embarking on a venture into "art" photography creating his own composition...Lynn, save us!


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Nancy Moskovitz said...

Beautiful so already with those rich shadow colors. Love the composition. You make it look easy.

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