Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to Me

After several months of non-stop commissions, I dutifully went into the studio today and (!) started a painting of my own creation. What a feeling: this freedom to experiment, push the paint around and manipulate the colors and brushstrokes into movement. A subject of my choosing and composition. I felt light as air.

fox huntingI've received several requests for foxhunting scenes. There's nothing here that's cutting edge nor particularly innovative, but it's my own hand. These paintings pay the bills when the commissions let up. I'd like to do an ongoing series of foxhunting scenes as I love painting the hounds. They're such happy, friendly dogs that get along great with everyone, including the horses.

The two hounds in the foreground are reminiscent of "Sneaking Off", a complex piece I painted several years ago.

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