Friday, February 22, 2008

Runners Without Ponies

The second little picky painting in the new series, "Runners Without Ponies". I've been trying some experimentation creating neutrals via mixing complementary colors. The neutrals really pop the clear, bright color, yet they're created with clear, bright color. No earth pigments is this piece, honest.

thoroughbred art"Runners Without Ponies" second in series, oil on canvas, 8"x10".

Not that I don't adore my siennas and umbers. It was just interesting to create burnt sienna facsimiles with various mixtures of cadmium orange.

Yeah, I can do it if I have to.


Robin Roberts said...

I've had the best time following your blog and website. The new series is quite cool, and amazing how you can pack so much in a little size. I also enjoy how you handle color and the variety of compositions.
Did you know cadmium comes from the earth?

Sharon Crute said...

Robin, thanks for your kind comments.

Cadmium does indeed come from the earth and is considered an element and also a heavy metal. When I mention "earth pigments", I'm referring to the clay type you grind up as opposed to manufactured. But you know this as I just visited your blog and you are a wonderfully accomplished artist who's work is lovely and interesting. The plein air foxhunting piece is great, and I loved the photos of it's progression. I hold the deepest respect for plein air painters...

Robin Roberts said...

Sharon, your blog has become a highlight of my day. It's hard to describe what a kick I get from the energy and verve of your paintings. Plus, I enjoy your comments whether it's a rant or just funning around.
The foxhunters aren't plein air - I'd just like for them to LOOK like plein air. It would be nice if my training in plein air landscapes could translate to the animals. That's why I admire how you can keep the energy in your scenes. I'd imagine years of mental notes from the track stay in your mind.....?

Bonnie Luria said...

Robin- I agree wholeheartedly. I just love how Sharon handles color and implied impact of thundering hooves.
And I've just looked at and admired your work too. Your Old Cedar Tree is so beckoning and graceful.
Lovely light in yours as well.
This fan club just grows and grows, doesn't it!

Sharon Crute said...

Isn't the internet awesome? Blogs rule!!!!

Bonnie, just a bit of FYI, I've tried to leave comments on your blog but it requires an account? Please advise.