Thursday, May 03, 2007

Changes to "Paydirt"

the secretSeems like just a couple of years ago I met Razouk Daher while painting on the sidewalk during Travers week in Saratoga Springs, NY. He fell in love with "Paydirt" and upon learning that the original was sold, asked me if I could paint in the silks of Buckram Oak on the giclee.

When Michael and I delivered the customized giclee to the Buckram Oak offices in Fort Lauderdale, Razouk gasped when he saw that I had painted a red band around the body of the silks instead of the sleeves. To this day I can't understand why made such a stupid mistake, but it was off to the nearest art supply store for paint and brushes and I fixed it right there in the office.

As I painted away, Michael and I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with Razouk and get to know this engaging, personable man with a love for espresso and all things coffee. He spoke of his origins (Jordan and Northern Africa), his feelings for his adopted country, the U.S., his passion for horse racing, and his deep love and respect for Mahmoud Fustok, the owner of Buckram Oak Farm.

horse racingSo it was with melancholic sadness that I picked up the Buckram Oak version of Paydirt today and replaced the silks with the colors of Four Roses Thoroughbreds. The farm was purchased last year by Kassem Masri, a long-time friend and business associate. Interestingly, the colors are still red and green but arranged in geometric blocks.

thoroughbred racingWhile the farm in Citra was being renovated for Buckram Oak, Razouk told me my artwork would paper the walls of the office.

Mahmoud Fustok was killed in a freak, tragic accident while jogging near his home in Pompano Beach.

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