Friday, April 27, 2007

The Oklawaha River

It's Friday and a perfect day to finish my nine multi-canvas piece! Whoohoo! I can't show a photo of it as my studio is too small for assemblage. I figured out today that it will be about 14' high and 13' wide. Lot's of logistics involved with constructing all the canvases together and it will be weighty as I've used all heavy-duty stretcher bars. Suggestions are appreciated.

canoeI'm so tired of work, work, work. I really need a break. However, I did escape to canoe down the Oklawaha River one afternoon. Sandwiches, beer and my sweetie on the river makes me so peaceful...

wild riverIt's still mating season for the alligators and they love to court in the reeds and lily pads. We didn't see too many as the river's been cleaned and opened up.

cypress treeLove the cypress knees. They look like little figures from a mysterious underworld.

the secretMichael asked me to photograph this vine/warrior lizard on hind legs.

turtles and alligatorsTurtles were abundant as they boldly sunned themselves.

tropical birds
I think these are Ibis. Not sure but there were plenty of 'em. They played a game of waiting for us in the trees and then squawking loudly as they flew down the river and waited again just to repeat the scenario over and over.

siamese cat
Indulge me. Here's the dude himself. Fourteen, healthy and way too wise for a cat. "Chow" has a lot of class. How did that happen?

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