Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Interview

Yesterday Michael and I met with a journalist and photographer from the Star Banner newspaper at the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association to be interviewed for his "Masters of Racing" exhibit. Amazing how I can talk a blue streak about paintings, mine or otherwise, until I'm being set down for the interview. Thankfully, Michael is always articulate and never at a loss for words, as well as is Dick Hancock, the Executive Director of FTBOA.

That's Bob Judy's paintings, above. One is "Real Quiet" and the other is "Forego". So this is something that I intend to improve on, this tongue-tied reaction to basic, friendly questions. Not wanting to be known as the interview nightmare, I'm going to ask Michael to coach me with a mock interview.

To the right is Modrea Seiler's painting called "Mud Runners".

The article is scheduled to be in tomorrow's "GO" section of the paper. It's the weekly events - stuff to do - listings and stories.

To the left is a pastel rendition of one of several mural preliminary compositions that I've created for a client. The previous comps have been scrapped and this new direction is fascinating - horses playing in the surf. I met with the client and achieved a definite, focused direction.

To the right is another comp, this time in oil. I was struggling to get the sparkling light into the drawing with the pastels, opting for oil which I think illustrates it nicely. I also experimented with a textured acrylic ground of glass beads to convey the spray and mist of the surf. I'm excited to get on with the project.

My most wonderful gallery in Lexington, Kentucky, e-mailed me today with the news of a sale. Yes! So glad to be on board, check them out: Fayette Gallery.

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