Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Project

Forty paintings in forty days?

An idea from Michael several weeks ago. He's willing to man the booth if I'm willing to show up everyday at the Oklahoma Training Track and paint. We spit in our palms and shook hands on it.

Either at sunrise or later in the afternoon, you'll find me painting plein air (outdoors direct from life) somewhere in the Oklahoma barn area. Will I succeed in such an undertaking? All I can promise is the effort. Realistically, if I can manage to produce half of that lofty number, it will be an accomplishment.

I spent a recent morning walking miles through the barn area while mapping the configuration and making note of where all the ladies rooms are located. Putting big stars where I think potential paintings exist has given me some direction. I will get up before sunrise and show up...unless it's raining and then the day is cancelled (oil and water do not mix no matter how hard I try to blow the droplets away). Six weeks of exhibiting at the track is a mighty grind and there will be days when fatigue will overtake my resolve.

The paintings will be done mostly alla prima (all in one session) therefore they will be smallish, 8"x10" or 11"x14" if I'm ambitious. There may be days when I have to return for a second session.

Embarking on a few practice runs this past weekend revealed a flood of emotional feelings that I still have for the biz. I experienced a belonging and felt at ease with the people I know and admire. This is my element and it was comfortably familiar.

I'll be posting every piece right here on this blog beginning Friday evening with a PayPal link if you're interested in acquiring one. If you can make it to Saratoga, Michael is arranging the tent to highlight this painting-a-day project throughout the race meet. I'll also share a commentary about my process, what I find inspiring and any other stuff I think you may find interesting.

Here's where my new location is:
I'm the third tent down from the jockey silks room heading toward the grandstand. If you know my old location, just turn around and you can't miss me. I'm directly across from the brand new building that forced my relocation.

Wish me luck (I'll need it),

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