Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 3 - Forty Paintings in Forty Days

It rained this morning. After I helped Michael open the tent, I headed directly over to Oklahoma. The traffic is extreme and parking is so insane there are no words to describe the frustration. No wonder some people lose it! Found some peace and quiet way in the back of the barn area.

This is another backlit scene but in the afternoon sun this time. Between finishing with morning training and afternoon feeding exists a quiet time (unless you're running a horse). Many of the help take naps, run errands or go to the races. Bikes are a convenient mode of transportation and this scene is a common one.
Bike, 8"x11" oil on panel
The price is $500. framed and includes free shipping within the U.S. You can purchase it with the PayPal button below or feel free to contact me for other options. I accept installments and you can also purchase it unframed for $400.

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