Sunday, February 01, 2015


The theme is "eagles". I wrote in a previous post about artists like myself who fall madly in love with their current subjects. And I did. It was bound to occur, being drawn to the same power and grace possessed of a thoroughbred. How do these two descriptive words find their way into the same sentence? And why am I so easily seduced by power (strength) and grace (beauty)?

Notwithstanding the political and symbolic connotations, these magnificent birds with a seven foot wing span drew me into a milieu I'm very familiar with. They are the thoroughbreds of ornithology.
Unlike the graphic "Blankets" series, realistic images present a different set of challenges when applied to the contours of the of the fiberglass sculpture. Painting on these forms is...a lot of work.
The majority of an eagle's diet is fish. One side of the greyhound depicts the birds fishing while the other side places them in a woodland environment.
 An eagle's nest can weigh over a ton!

Medicine bird,

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