Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Relocating (again)

Across the street from my studio on Beekman Street in the Saratoga Arts District, a live/work space became available. We grabbed it - enabling us to combine the gallery/studio and living quarters in this good size house. Apart from the obvious fact that we'll save money, I'm excited to be so physically close to my work. Just think of what this insomniac can accomplish into the wee hours!

Moving is such a chore, even if it's just across the street. As a former race tracker, packing and shipping is a routine part of the biz. Let's say I've grown weary of it...really, really weary. And where did all this stuff come from? Amazing what material things we accumulate. A mere year and a half ago we moved into the old studio with my paintings, art supplies and a few computers and printers.

"A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff." -George Carlin
 I swear I had no stuff-collecting intentions. I despise clutter. But there it is, all sprawled out and spilling into three rooms in the new place, requiring lots of effort to organize and find a place to put it.

In other news...

My Kickstarter campaign will end on Friday, March 22nd. I'm overwhelmed and humbled that I not only surpassed my goal, but that so many are willing to support my artistic efforts. What a blessing to have believers in me and my artwork. FYI...there are still four of the eight originals available: Click here: Kickstarter if you're interested.

With deepest appreciation,

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