Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waguar Progresses

I've chosen five logos to paint around the greyhound form. As a painter who constantly nags myself to remain loose and expressive, the logos are excruciatingly time-consuming. And knowing that this type of design entered the realm of technology long, long ago - hand detailing with plastic paint is challenging both my eyesight and motor coordination. At least the hands and eyes still speak to each other even if the dialog often veers into an argument!

Tiny brushes...ugh.

A jaguar stalks down the extended front leg. The "Y" on the paw is a color note to help me stay organized and check on the "feel" of the design as it develops. In the background on the table is the original design conceived onto the template.

The logos are laid in. The acrylic paint requires two coats to fully cover the form.

And in between: my entry into the American Academy of Equine Art's Spring Invitational.

"Last Set" oil on canvas, 18" x 24" (click here for more info)

Blessed to be busy,


Judy said...

Proud to be one of your many admirers. Miss you!

Sharon Crute said...

Judy, proud to be your friend! Hope things are slowing down a bit for you. We'll get together soon.

Ghost Rider said...

Really, really like this one. I can identify with the pleasantries. Miss it all so many mornings. All of you horsemen are truly blessed. Great captcha, Sharon! Miss you, Julie

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you Julie!