Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Greyhound Turns into a Jaguar

One of the perks to painting these smaller dogs as opposed to the much bigger horses is being able to make them lie down (pun intended). They only weigh about 45 lbs. and I can handle them myself.


But please understand that it's still quite a physical undertaking. Kneel down, climb a step ladder and walk around and around the table countless times a day. And with these acrylic paints, the water must be changed 900 times a day (it seems) to keep all the colors pure. 

I'm pleased with the jaguar "tatoo" running down the front leg.

Here, "Waguar" is beginning to look like a Jacksonville Jaguar mascot of sorts.

My dear friend and designer extraordinaire Julie K. (she's shy) composed this amazing ad for a special issue of Homes & Land in Ocala, Florida using two of my paintings. Julie also designed my beautiful website

Happy Leap Day!

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