Monday, November 21, 2011

November in the North

So much gratitude is in order to those of you who have wished me positive thoughts and good wishes via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and any other internet platform I've overlooked. I sincerely thank you for your good thoughts directed my way. It's spiritual...thoughts become things and such...I so appreciate and love you all.

You've also asked how I'm doing in the cold weather after moving up to the north land from Florida. Don't forget that I'm a native New Englander and I'm doing...okay. Yes, it's an adjustment. However, a brisk walk in the night air that filled my lungs with the pungent scent of late fall produced an unexpected nostalgia for playing Ringolevio in the streets of my childhood memories. Today my earlobes chilled on a hike through the local swamps as I observed the sun setting low in the sky way too early. Football and couldn't be more appropriate here in stark November.

Dare I tell you that I can't wait until the big snow? When my dearest declared that snow was white and what was the big deal - ha!

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