Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting at EPCOT 2011

(and keep your day job!)

This past weekend I was invited to paint plein air at EPCOT's International Flower and Garden Festival. As requested by a very generous admirer, I'm posting the results...bravely. Ah, but France was absolutely intoxicating with the heady scent of spring. Did you know that jasmine fragrance is an aphrodisiac?

Here are the three I finished. This was my first attempt...going for the splashing water fountain of course.

Setting up my easel next to a glorious bed of ranunculus was quite savvy of me. Especially when I engaged in their portraits as the ladies-that-garden were attracted to the flowers they did not recognize. Let's ask the artist if she knows what these are...oh!...you're painting them!

Here's the red awning again over the entrance to the French restaurant with the fountain in the background.

"La critique est aisée, mais l'art est difficile." - Destouches.


Judy said...

So beautiful. No matter the subject, your work is amazing.

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you Judy for being my champion!