Monday, February 21, 2011

Splashing Equines, Redux and Update

A dear reader has requested more info regarding my working method. As I mentioned in the previous post, I  woulda, coulda shoulda documented the first drawings right on the canvas. You know the ones - an afternoon of work rubbed out in aggravation and re-started with heavy sighs of disgust. Ugh. No place for romance. Alas, very rough first sketches survive...the first brainstorming thumbnails whipped up in a stream of consciousness onto the pages of my journal/sketchbook.
I love these - straight out of the friendly cooperative side of the brain. They're fresh, inspired and so lively. If only to discover a way to continue that free flow into the oil paint...
The early horse on the right was supposed to be throwing down it's head into a buck, but the head would be in the water...thus that troublesome lunging beast appeared in it's place.
I'm comfortable with the composition...finally. My splashy water is fussy and will be put off until the end. I ask myself why I spent so much time drawing out the legs if they'll ultimately be undefined in water. Geesh. If you look closely you'll notice a chalk line a bit higher than halfway across. Below is shadow, above will be bright warm light to mimic a dramatic sunset. A long way to go with lots of work ahead

"The centipede has rhythm and flow in its hundred legs precisely because it does not have to think about it. Consider this the next time you move the instruments of your art." - Robert Genn

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