Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's an Ah-Ha Moment

You may be wondering why the miniature paintings I've previously posted are of ocean scenes. Well, there's a couple of reasons.

Last year when my gallery partner Jackie Schindehette conceived the idea of creating mini oils for the holiday season, I thought it was a wonderful concept. A client could purchase an original painting for gift-giving (or self-gifting) that was affordable and we could produce and frame multiple pieces.

In theory.

Turns out, Jackie effortlessly painted tiny lovely landscapes, flowers, water scenes and even birds (at least it looked that way to me). On the other side of the studio, I struggled with the teensy format until going bonkers and gladly handing over those microscopic canvases to her.

After much soul-searching, I concluded that the large equine subjects I paint with unrestrained va-voom just didn't translate into a miniscule format.

Shortly after THAT realization (duh) I had a huge epiphany. Looking at all the paintings in my studio and recalling how I felt as I painted them brought me to an enlightened state of awareness: I have an intense desire to paint subjects in motion. Yup - movement, speed, direction, flow and all those mobile adjectives are indeed the source of my artistic inspiration.

Seriously, why does it take some of us so long to figure out the obvious?

"An artist's working life is marked by intensive application and intense discipline." - John F. Kennedy

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