Monday, December 27, 2010

6 Things I've Learned in 2010

Instead of the usual yearly list of "What I Did" accomplishments for 2010, I thought I'd make a bit of a shift in my thinking and contemplate "What I've Learned: 2010". For your thoughts and comments as well:

 1. Persistence is key if you have ambition without resources. Goals are attainable with a bulldogged mindset and focus, but it does require...time. It takes longer to launch a project requiring capital and the lack of funding means the components must be executed in affordable increments. So, my multi-canvas pieces are created on carefully graphed paper and gradually constructed as my budget allows. That's okay because I know if I stay firmly committed to my ideas, they'll come to fruition eventually. They always do, even if they're stacked up in the sky like commercial aircraft on holding patterns.

2. Less is more. I'm living the simple life through necessity, not choice. The recent recession took away a lot of things from me. Yet in the present moment, I have everything I need. That's empowering. When you finally realize that the latest gadget with unlimited apps will never fulfill your basic longings, life takes on a new clarity. I choose to stay connected to the life force surrounding me, not the things.

3. I know who I am as an artist. I am finally aware of what drives my urge to create. I possess vision that is uniquely mine. Although I'm not 100% sure of the source, I recognize that speed, motion and direction inspires me and I can express passion in my paintings without succumbing to sentimentality. Take that, all you romantics!

4. I'm good enough. Although we as artists constantly strive to achieve excellence which is a healthy goal, we must also balance a respect for our own accomplishments, intellect and abilities. A self-pat on the back is reassuring and makes us a little less crazy. I'm doin' okay. And you're doin' okay.

5. A strong support system is imperative. My husband, friends, family, peers, and neighbors provide encouragement and bolster strength. Yes, I will disappoint. Sometimes the more you do the more is expected. I am making amends to those that deserve it. Integrity compels me to do what is right and good even lessons happen. When I become anxious and impatient, affirming this truth sets me back on the path to acknowledging my divinity. Thank you, thank you God.

6. Goals for 2011? Of course I have a business plan in place that evolves as necessary. I'm learning to relinquish my iron fist control (just a little) as I accept that I work too hard, try too hard, never sleep enough and never play hard enough. Where's my canoe?

"Stand in the middle of a crisis to invite the next stage of evolution to appear." - Michael Bernard Beckwith


Unknown said...

Very well put Sharon. I sure feel a kinship with you on these things!

Sharon Crute said...

Karen: it was one heck of a year of us artists, eh? I'm just grateful I made it through the tough times. Here's to our prosperity and flourishing creativity in 2011!