Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mini's

In my lastest newsletter that I just know you read with unabated enthusiasm, I mentioned that my gallery VoilART! is hosting a holiday exhibit of miniature original oils sized 8"x10" and under. Entitled "Marvelous Minis for Merry Making", these little jewels are an affordable means to start a collection, add to a collection, and of course, become a most thoughtful and creative gift.

As promised, I'm posting as they are painted for those of you who can't visit the gallery here in Ocala.

No more excuses of jam-packed walls that simply cannot squeeze in another square inch...these little lovelies will fit perfectly on any tabletop or spruce up a shelf.

oil painting of Pacific
Behold - memories of the cold, cold rocky shore of the Pacific when I lived in the bay area in California. It's approximately 5"x7" and framed to boot. Only $50. For an original. That's also framed.

In case you don't subscribe to my newsletter (and I can't imagine why not), here is a link to view it.

Avoid the ho-hum big box...

"If you work from memory, you are most likely to put in your real feeling." - Robert Henri

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