Thursday, October 07, 2010

Like an Old Friend

This original oil on canvas is back in my own studio, VoilART! in downtown Ocala. I won't share with you the why's, from where or who because I guard the privacy of my collectors and galleries. Suffice to say it's great to see it again and I give my old work mixed reviews. Myriad technicalities I would have confronted differently though I'm impressed with the level of power portrayed. I remember how I felt while creating this piece. There's always that one horse with an attitude who can be relied on to behave badly at the worse time. It's dangerous and exhilarating, maddening and glorious.

starting gate"Blue Blinkers" oil on canvas, 60"x48"

If you find it interesting, click here for more info.

"A good picture, any picture, has to be bristling with razor blades." - Pablo Picasso


dmarks said...

Wow. Excellent painting. Came here via random "next blog"

Bonnie Luria said...

Does it serve us to be self critical? I only see restrained locomotion, tension, thrills, danger and one hairy eyeball waiting to wreak havoc in or out of the gate.
You know your subjects so well and portray them like no other.
PS- hope your hip is behaving better than that guy.

andrea anderson said...

LOVE this one.