Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night of Receptions

Did some gallery hopping last night. First stop - Gallery East in Belleview, Florida.

Gallery East:

Good turnout for this co-op in their new location.

l. to r.: best friend Modrea Seiler, featured jeweler Lynda Ryan in front of her lovely creations, and art lovers Drena & Ken.

Marion Cultural Alliance:

Then it was off to the Mario
n Cultural Alliance in Ocala for their exhibit "Shades of Green".

The gallery was hung beautifully.

l. to r.: moi with attitude, awesome Executive Director of MCA Nancy Ledding, best bud Modrea Seiler, and County Commissioner Barbara Fitos. All strong advocates for the arts.

Wonderful friend and talented artist Kelli Money Huff in front of her textured piece.

Another good artist friend (I love my fellow artists) Carlynne Hershberger with her beautiful mixed media. The "browns" are actually gold leaf that didn't translate in the photo but simply glowed. Kelli Money Huff and Carlynne published a book together entitled "Creative Colored Pencil Workshop".

Designer extraordinaire Paul Ware took an honorable mention for his whimsical stippled drawing. Paul's studio business is Drawn By the Light right here in Ocala.

"Every artist ought to be an exhibitionist." - Egbert Oudendag


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Sharon, this was an excellent and thoughtful post. You are a wonderful advocate for Marion County arts in addition to being a fabulous artist.

bonnieluria said...

Wise woman, creating your own emphasis on positive news and art patronage.
It's a good time for all of us to turn off the TV news streams and create a different focus.

One person at a time, the listing of the ship can change.

Impressive, what you've been doing for marketing your own vibrant, excellent art.

Keep on.........

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Nancy & Bonnie! I always appreciate your comments.

If there was ever a time for artists to be supportive of each other, it's now more than ever. Solidarity will enable us to overcome the challenges of the economy and accomplish our goals, both individually and as a group.

Anonymous said...

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Sharon Crute said...

Anon: thank you so much for taking the time to 1)read so deeply into my blog, and 2)provide encouragement to continue writing this sometimes personal journal, sometimes boring practical essay. I often wonder if anyone ever reads my posts and now you've confirmed yes, someone hears me out there! Bless you...