Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll Paint YOU and Your Little Dog too!

Well, my last post may have been just a tad vague.

To be a bit more specific, I'm considering re-inventing myself. When word got out that I was stepping back from painting horse racing subjects for awhile I was confronted with exclamations of jaw dropping, eye popping: "what ever will you paint now?" A decent artist who can draw well and understands color should be able to paint anything. Even my closest friends seemed astonished that I would endeavor to paint something non-equine.

Seems I've branded myself into a very tight little niche.

Therefore, I'm opening up the phone lines, the studio, the paint box and this blog to announce this amazing one-of-a-kind painting dynamo who will paint your kids, your yacht, your trophy bass, street machine, prize-winning cucumbers, favorite NBA player, copies of Kinkade nirvana...heck, I'll even paint your house. But don't send your money yet 'cause there's more: I'll even paint your champion Jack Russell! And if you call within the next twenty minutes, I'll throw in a free t-shirt! (while supplies last)

People like to feel they are buying of their own good judgment as a result of the information given them - Paul Parker


Takeahold said...

For all your readers information I offer the following link and information:

The recent Belmont Stakes pick 6 was hit by: The winning Pick 6 wager was placed via Youbet at 1:56 p.m. on Saturday, and the pool closed at 2:34 p.m.

How easy to just stay home and bet and watch the races. Shouldn't the racing powers that be address this issue as well as dwindling attendance at the races? Over 51,000 paying fans at the recent Belmont wagered over $8 million while the simulcast wagering was over $89 million. What's that tell you?

Nancy Moskovitz said...

I know for a fact you can paint anything and do it superbly. What's Kinkade Nirvana? Sounds like a good place to draw a line. But wouldn't a garden painting look great by the kitchen!

Takeahold said...

Now that has been said I'll get to the point of this blog.

I know racing has perplexed and confused a great artist and protector with it's inability to institute change. Most of us realize they need to reach out to the younger crowd for future clients, and when will racing accept the need to limit the amount of mid and large scale races and become a family entertainment center as well. I know the artist is spreading her wings for a larger client base and product. At least she has accepted change as is running with it. As her website shows, she has many racing images and will continue to produce them although sparingly, waiting for the public image racing racing now portrays to change as well. Racing's lose is the art worlds gain. She will return and then with a vengance to support and defend just as she has always done.

Takeahold said...

I know, I know! I didn't do spell check and spelled loss as lose! The point is still the same, So shot me!

Takeahold said...

I know, I know! I didn't do spell check and spelled loss as lose and doubled on racing! The point is still the same. So shot me!

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! Thanks for your hard work on it.