Sunday, June 21, 2009

Giclees: a Viable Alternative

Got a summer cabin or cottage that needs a bit of color? Have you recently remodeled a spare bedroom that needs some wall art? Or does your main living space need an inspiring face lift?

My giclee fine art reproductions are printed on quality canvas with archival UV inks. They're stretched and resemble the real thing except they're an extremely affordable option. Of course, nothing can compare to investing in original paintings, but giclees offer an inexpensive alternative for decorating purposes.

thoroughbred artI've moved in the direction of open editions that offer more choices to my clients while maintaining reasonable pricing. Limited edition runs are still available and here I illustrate just a few. The image to the left, "Get His Mind on Running" is sold out at 100 plus 10 artist's proofs. Below are a couple of editions that are still available yet very close to concluding the edition run. If they appeal to you, consider ordering soon: Click on the image for more info.

mare and foal art"Daybreak" 30"x40" giclee fine art reproduction

horse racing art"Not Whisperers" 36"x48" giclee fine art reproduction

In addition to the UV inhibiting and water-resistant coating, I've finally discovered an impasto medium that pleases the artist in me... offering a giclee with dimension and brushstrokes further creating a quality product.

These are not my works; these are just prints of the originals. Really, what we're showing here is the record of what happened, what I went through physically [and] emotionally in every aspect, what I went through to get these paintings done, and this is what I have left. I just wanted to share my voice. - Abelina Galustian

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