Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ruidoso Downs Deluge

My dear friend and web designer Julie K. sent me these photos of the flooding that took place last weekend at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico. Due to the remnants of Hurricane Dolly, the track was almost washed away and there was significant damage to the jock's room. Everything else was spared, thankfully, including the barn area.

ruidoso downsWe were looking forward to watching Peppers Pride break the modern day record of 17 consecutive wins. What an awesome filly.

peppers prideMess, huh? However, the maintenance crew have evidently performed an amazing restoration of the surface, even bringing in track consultant Dennis Moore from California. The track is scheduled to re-open for training Friday morning and racing resumes this Saturday. The connections of Peppers Pride have opted to wait until mid-August for her next bid stating that she's missed too much training. I'd adopt a wait and see approach if she were my filly, that's for sure.

Michael and I visited Ruidoso in the mid-eighties when it was mainly quarters running. I recall the low desert which was searing hot, then driving a couple of hours up to the mountains of cool Alpine-like pine forests. What a contrast of climatic zones.

Here's a forest quote I couldn't resist:
If a tree falls in a forest and lands on a politician, even if you can't hear the tree or the screams, I'll bet you'd at least hear the applause- Paul Tindale


Anonymous said...

Very appropriate and timely quote!

Add this to the collection although I don't know it's origin-

" If a man is alone in the woods, is he still wrong?"

Sharon Crute said...

Good one Bonnie. Here's one from the late comic Stephen Wright:

“If you tell a joke in the forest, but nobody laughs, was it a joke?”

Anonymous said...

Anything he said was always droll and funny to me. I'm sorry he's gone.
His lowkey delivery cracked me up.

Like a decaf coffee table book.
Like the diner that posted a sign saying " we serve breakfast anytime", so he ordered French Toast from the Renaissance!

His stuff still lasts.
Maybe he and George Carlin are trying for the " Can you top this " award!

Valerie said...

Stephen, does that take me back! I vaguely remember he had a bit where he talked about putting a key in the door of his house and then driving it around the block. Very droll sense of humor, and very funny.

What awesome pictures! Glad to hear they are up and running again this weekend.