Monday, July 14, 2008

Chow Update

Recently I received a comment on an old blog post about my Siamese cats' ordeal with mast cell tumors. His surgery was performed at the beginning of December. To all who have inquired with caring concern, I'm please to say Chow is doing fantastic. Not too shabby for a fifteen year old.

mast cell tumorThe hair has completely grown back and there's no sign of scarring. He's back to his usual princely self and still hates to be photographed. And he's milking the ordeal for all it's worth, ordering whatever he'd like to eat...raw chicken liver at 1:00pm if you please.

calico catShe, on the other hand, loves to be photographed.

  • "The sun rose slowly, like a fiery furball coughed up uneasily onto a sky-blue carpet by a giant unseen cat". - Michael McGarel

    Nancy Moskovitz said...

    Chow is beautiful

    bonnieluria said...

    I love happy kittie endings. Had that comment not been resurrected, I would not have known your were a double cat lover!
    Me too.

    Currently have two, one year old shelter adoptees.
    In the past, I had three at one time, the oldest died at 23! And I had him since he was 8 weeks old. They are just the most amazing animals, as are dogs, differently.

    Sharon Crute said...

    Thanks Nancy, I agree.

    Bonnie, 23 years old?!!! Well, I'll just affirm that Chow will be with me at least that long...

    Babush, the crazy calico, was found lost and starving under a bush - her namesake.