Sunday, April 08, 2007

Postcards from Gallery Central

I absolutely loved Hot Springs! In a 3/4 mile strip on Central Avenue live 15-20 art galleries interspersed with antique shops, trendy restaurants and other eclectic offerings. Hot Springs is listed #4 in the top 100 small art towns in the USA. Indeed it is and with the most friendly and accommodating people.

hot springs <span class=The town is nestled at the base of forested mountains bordering Hot Springs National Park. Even though the day was overcast, I'd have to say the view is 50+ miles.

<span class=Bess Sanders, owner of Gallery Central, invited Michael and I to her box seats at Oaklawn Park. The dogwoods are in bloom as well as spectacular azaleas. The Hot Springs Mountain Tower looms in the background. The big event for the next week or so is the Racing Festival of the South which finishes up the meet with several graded stake races including the $1,000,000 Arkansas Derby, an important Kentucky Derby prep race.

gallery centralBut lest I digress from my real reason for being there. Bess runs the biggest and most beautiful gallery in the historic downtown area. This year she wanted to exhibit a couple of equine artists to coincide with the racing festivities at Oaklawn. I was most blessed to be included along with Jan Woods, who creates amazing bronze sculptures. Every first Friday of the month features a Gallery Art Walk in the evening, keeping the doors of the galleries and shops open and inviting.

equine art galleryL to R: Artist Jan Woods in front of one of her exquisite bronzes; Bess Sanders, gallery owner extraordinaire; Rae Johnson, gallery manager and former race tracker (my kinda woman!); and moi.

horse art galleryOf course everyone loves to congregate in Bess' gallery. This is Gallery Walk last Friday night and it's packed! Jan and I both sold well. I loved meeting and talking to so many gracious people to explain my work, the giclee process, etc.

bronze horse sculpturesMen seemed especially intrigued by my original oil "Blue Blinkers". It's a powerful depiction of a horse rearing in the starting gate. Horses behaving badly.

artist <span class=I think my paintings and Jan's sculpture compliment each other beautifully. Many, many heartfelt thanks to Bess Sanders for her most generous hospitality and Rae Johnson for all her help and support. A total positive, fun and enjoyable experience for Michael and I.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great show! I did stop by for a few minutes to take pictures for Life & Home's column called "Out & About."

You're right...the gallery was packed, and other galleries up and down the street were similarly attended.

Better watch out, though. Sounds like you might be getting "hooked on the Springs!"

Rebecca McCormick,
Feature writer, Hot Springs Life & Home
Travel writer, Hot Springs Village Voice

Anonymous said...

What a great venue for you! I love the pic of all the men mesmerized by "Blue Blinkers" Bravo Sharon! M.

Carlynne Hershberger, CPSA said...

What a beautiful show! Your work does look great combined with the sculpture and congrats on the sales. How long will the work be there?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting on a wonderful show during Gallery Walk. The feedback has been great! Everyone loved your work. It was nice to meet you and your husband. I look forward to your next visit to our fair city. Rae Johnson

peaceofjessi said...

Wow, look at all those people... and all of your beautiful work on the walls. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

So fun to see you again and, particularly your paintings in the gallery. They have a powerful presence. Previously, I'd only seen them online. I think I'm going to encourage more artists to use such impressive gallery shots. They look great! And glad to know about Hot Springs. I'd heard it was an art town, but have never been there.