Saturday, May 13, 2017

Realms of Uncertainty

The previously mentioned ten new paintings for my show in Prescott, Arizona, are completed. In between, I made three others so don't mind me if I pat myself on the back for being diligently productive. Making lots of paintings doesn't necessarily mean they're all good, it just means I'm a work horse and love what I do. Okay, I'm a bona fide workaholic.

With a totally new and different body of work, I'm encountering the fears of "what if?" Michael and I are traveling a very long distance to test the waters of will they/won't they like my new subject. His assurance of "we need a vacation anyway" is not cutting it for me. I remain optimistic but it's forced. If only I possessed the bravado of a male painter, I'd be bragging that I'm going to kick ass. YEAH!

Ironically, a dear friend is in Prescott as I type. She's meeting with another mutual friend at the Phippen Museum! I should take this as a positive omen, as I don't believe in coincidence. Here's your sign!

I have a little over a week to get ready. I'm varnishing - he's framing. As a seasoned traveler, I can pack in a few hours and that means I have lots of time to fill with...something. The upcoming week promises warm spring temps so I've decided it's a good time to occupy the "runaway freight train" with plein air painting. Or I can always clean the studio.

These two paintings are waiting to be professionally shot. Quick cell pics in the studio. Here's the finished #10:

...and to be used as my full-page ad for this summer's Hall of Fame guide:
The text will fit nicely in the track foreground at the bottom.

* * *

Fear is always triggered by creativity, because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome - Elizabeth Gilbert

Couldn't have said it better myself...


Jo Castillo said...

Your new work is wonderful. They take me back to my cowgirl life. I’m sure your show will be very successful.

Sharon Crute said...

You are so kind to take the time to comment. When I was a child, my friends and I wanted to be cowgirls so badly. Growing up in Rhode Island, my only direct experience was when the rodeo came to town. Perhaps now I can finally revisit some of those early longings.

Sue said...


Where the winds blow, and the cacti take root,

Prescott never seen none better than Ms Sharon Crute.

Take out that paint brush, and show 'em your style,

It'll be worth that drive, mile after mile.

Yup, don't think the Crute train don't know their horses,

Underestimating them will be your mistake, of courses.

Sharon Crute said...

Sue, the poet with untapped talents...
Thanks so much!!!!