Monday, April 06, 2015

First Day of Plein Air Painting!

The weather warmed a bit and I was out!

Set up my easel at the state boat ramp access at Saratoga Lake. After the long, cold, wearisome days of a winter that wouldn't quit, it was a luscious pleasure to stand in the weak sunlight and bask in the balmy 60 degree temps while savoring the aroma of real turps.

It was mostly quiet except for the sound of cracking ice and the Canadian geese who were returning overhead as I applied my year-long study of plein air to a piece of Arches oil paper. It wasn't too bad an effort for the first day out in months:

I'm feeling confident in the knowledge I've acquired from different sources: books, video instruction and help from artist friends. I've been accepted in the Mountain Maryland Plein Air Competition taking place the first week of June.
Everything is still brown with nary a bud to be found. Most of the snow is melting and the lingering ice on the lakes is thinning...loudly. The winter has been tough, especially for an artist who desires to paint outdoors. Thankfully, I had lots of commission work to keep me busy in the studio.

Stall walking,

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