Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Please! Don't Go!

Experiencing a couple of unsubscribes last week has me wondering. Perhaps I've not painted a race horse in awhile, but this is a great gig for me and has me leaping out of my oil-equine-big canvas-wild eyed box. I know some of my friends are getting a kick out of my documented struggles as I gunk up acrylic paint while ruining good brushes and misting water on anyone who passes too close.

Or, maybe I've not been clear regarding the greyhound project. The subject of greyhound racing can elicit assorted opinion as I've discovered...some of them rather passionate. So, let me explain.

I have a client who has commissioned me to paint several fiberglass life-size greyhounds. These art pieces are being auctioned off across the country to benefit various greyhound rescue groups. Be happy for me as the project has mushroomed into opportunities that neither my client nor myself foresaw. For instance, remember Waguar, the greyhound painted with the team colors of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars?

That number 32 was personally autographed by Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville's star running back. My client, who is an avid sports fan, not only experienced the fun of meeting the renown player but also went out to breakfast with him. Very happy client = very happy Sharon.

As a former race tracker I could be droning on and on about I'll Have Another's trainer and his drug issues or the threatened strike of NYRA's maintenance union right before the Belmont blah blah blah. But I'll spare you all that noise as I quietly create my own controversy...

It's a fund-raiser for greyhound rescue,


Jan Blawat said...

I like to follow your blog for two reasons: I love art, and I love horse racing. It's not too often the two are combined. Dog art is still art, so I'm happy. Just watched the news about I'll Have Another. I was impressed with the trainer's simple presentation of the facts. That's another reason why I check your blog, you often have a different perspective on these things.

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you Jan. I really appreciate your comment.

As of this afternoon (Fri.), I'm so disappointed at the circumstances affecting I'll Have Another and his connections. But I'm relieved that they're protecting the horse from further harm and doing the right thing.

Doug O'Neill, the trainer, used to have one horse at the end of our string stabled at Bay Meadows in CA in the early 90's. He would come to the track to train and care for the horse and then would have to leave for his day job. My husband Michael would feed his horse in the afternoon. We haven't seen or talked to Doug in many years but it seems he hasn't changed much...still a down to earth and extremely likable person.