Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blanket Finish is Finished

Even though the dogs are much smaller that the horses, painting the forms remains a physical undertaking. Because the dogs are waist high the view from above must be constantly checked from where it will be observed most. Up and down the step ladder, on my knees and 'round and 'round the table I go.
Lo and behold...another delivery!
Here's the design submitted to the client. Only eight greyhounds can run in a race (think twenty horses in the Kentucky Derby). The green and white striped #7 is often referred to as "the candy stripe".

The finished "Blanket Finish". He's pretty and colorful as the blankets cascade over his form...referring back to my first Horse Fever design "Champ" depicting the jockey silks of fourteen prominent Marion County (Ocala) thoroughbred breeders.
Onward to greyhound three. This one illustrates deep sea fishing in a more painterly style.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the painted greyhound! It must take you hours. Beautiful...

Tim Elliott said...

The blanket greyhound is fantastic!