Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where the hell am I going?

For certain, I'll be in Saratoga Springs, NY for the entire race meet, July 22nd through Sept. 5th. If I've appeared vague regarding my immediate plans to any of you, accept my apologies. The spiritual gurus instruct about the importance of maintaining secrecy when intending and visualizing. Eliminates the well-meaning from undo influence and frankly, relieves the pressure as paths veer off their original course. No explanations required.

Purging through all those photographs last week became more than good housekeeping. Surprising emotions emerged. I got all existential. The past appeared happier with fun times with more adventure and closer relationships. Clearly, I was following my bliss and living a passionate life. Or was I? From a position of struggling to survive the financial hardships of the recession (and still recovering) is anything looking better than what is, including what was and how I now perceive it?

My Saratoga landlady has offered the apartment to us beyond the end of the race meet. I'm considering. The cool, clean air and pungent earthy scent of autumn may clear this undefinable bleariness. So, my dear readers, I may stay longer at the fair.

"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one." -  Wayne W. Dyer


Linda Shantz said...

Oh, do it!!! I can just imagine how amazing Saratoga would be in September, the calm after the craziness....

Jan Blawat said...

Revisit your previous life while you still have the physical capability. There comes a time when being around large animals and doing strenuous physical work just isn't possible, when all you can really do is have fond memories. Even so, you're likely to have a different experience now than you did a few years ago, and that will make it all the more rewarding. Part of the fun about any equine activity is being able to live like a gypsy.

Sharon Crute said...

Linda, I think hanging out in Saratoga after the crowds are gone will be heavenly.

Jan: Great perspective. I'm close to not being able to do the physical labor because I wore myself out on the first go-round. But I love your suggestion of a "different experience" from a position of embracing the changes while returning to my muse. And, you've hit the nail on the head with the "gypsy" lifestyle.

Now, to begin freeing myself of these balls & chains!!