Saturday, August 08, 2009


A tragic event brought us together sixteen years ago, creating an indelible bond that would endure miles of travel through dubious exploits. Unbeknownst to the tiny fur ball, a mountain of hope was placed on the silly antics of kittenhood that would, could? disrupt a thick shell of depression. It worked.

He grew into a handful of big strapping cat for a Siamese. Classy with attitude, always present, game for the next adventure and trustworthy in a reliable way, he became a family member as embedded as DNA. Together we ate, slept and worked. In dark times, he possessed the uncanny ability to elicit a smile, regardless of circumstance.

In the end, he acquiesced to our pangs of impending loss with grace and courage. An entire lifetime of consistently providing what one can demand of a cat - the softness, companionship, the comforting sound of a purr, sandpaper licks and always unconditional devotion.

Fondest memories of eyes squinting in the sunshine, as baby blues are prone.

Goodbye for now, my sweet prince.

siamese catChow
April 1st, 1993 - August 6th, 2009

“Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak whispers the o'er-fraught heart, and bids it break.” - William Shakespeare


Valerie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss :(

Jan Blawat said...

17 years with a wonderful cat - what a great gift! As I read this, my own silly Charley is purring in my ear and sharpening his claws on the back of my chair. I'm going to grab him and give him a hug, we'll both send our best thoughts your way. xox

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you both.

Yes Jan! Hugs and kisses for Charley...hold him tight and breathe in the sweet scent of a contented cat.

andrea anderson said...

SO's the saddest feeling. We had to send a horse to horse heaven last week so I am with you in that feeling.