Sunday, September 14, 2008

North-South Bovine Theory

A scientific report released last month disclosed that cows and other types of grazing animals have a knack for aligning themselves with the poles of the planet. Most face north and about 1/3 face south.

cows facing northYup. I'll never look at a herd of cows the same ever again. From now on, upon spotting these languid creatures out my car window, I'll be searching for the position of the sun and other directional clues to test out this theory.
cows aligned north and southNotice there's a few rebels in the herd. Those that graze on their own terms, refusing to follow the herd. Are these the visionaries? The creatives? Or are these the bad girls who can't help being naughty and contrary...

bisonDeer also participate within these uncanny sensory parameters. Do bison?

Okay, before you dismiss me as udderly corny and silly, wait...if you share the humor of an eight year old as I do, prepare yourself for:

Q. Why did the roping horse head west?
book previewA. He wanted to see Cow-la-fornia!

No longer diverted by other emotions, I work the way a cow grazes” - Kathe Kollwitz (and now facing north, no doubt)


Anonymous said...

Nothing in nature is haphazard or accidental, is it.
Love the post- the photos, and all the information.
I'll be watching now for the same phenomenon here.
St.Croix has bred Senepol cattle ( crossbred from a breed in Senegal to be acclimated to the heat ).
I often drive by herds of these beauties, big, docile, warm burnt brown, and now I'll know what to look for.

Sharon Crute said...

Bonnie, don't you just love cows? Peacefully going about their business every day. Who knew they were so metaphysically tuned into the ley lines of the planet?

Eating dairy products takes on a whole new meaning...

Marian Fortunati said...

Tooooo funny!
Thanks.... you made me smile today! Always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Sharon- the dairy only means the cow was involved.
But the hamburger denotes complete commitment!